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  1. Kaylens Hand Anal Plug

    Kaylens Hand Anal Plug


    Looking to master the next level of insertions? Kaylen will help you work up to taking a whole hand inside you while you take your own sweet time getting there. This life-size hand replica has fingers that are grouped together into a tapered point, just like a real partner would when you want them to help you taste the incredibly full feeling of having an entire hand within you. If you have lots of lube and the patience to make it past the knuckles, you can slide down the wrist to the wide flat base that allows for easy retrieval of this intense insertable. Measurements: 9 inch overall length, 8.5 inch insertable length, 3.36 inch max insertable width, Material: PVC, Color: Natural Learn More
  2. Tricks to Please a Woman

    Tricks to Please a Woman


    Why stick to meat and potatoes for your sex life when you" ve got a menu full of appetizers and desserts? Now, the best of Jay" s tricks for pleasing a woman have been compiled into this handy volume along with plenty of new information based on recent research into female anatomy,up-to-date safer sex information, and recent improvements in sex toys and accessories. Written by Jay Wiseman Learn More
  3. Bjorn Portable Vibrating Massager  - (Multiple Options)
  4. Rubber Cock Ring Harness

    Rubber Cock Ring Harness


    Wrap up your cock and balls with this rubber harness. This rubber harness uses two rings to help keep your erection going by using one ring to go around the base of your balls, which has three snaps great adjustment to fit a wide range of men, while the other ring, with an inside diameter of 1.5 inches, goes around your cock. Once both rings are applied, you balls will be hanging in-between both rings, giving you a perfect set up for some tea bagging as well! Learn More
  5. Suck Me Sophie Stroker

    Suck Me Sophie Stroker


    Let Sophie wrap her soft, sensual lips around you! This portable stroker is made from ultra-realistic SexFlesh material and features a textured interior that delivers exciting sensations as it glides over your cock. The open-ended design makes for easy clean-up. Measurements: 5.5 inches long, 2.13 inches in diameter, Material: SexFlesh (TPE), Color: Natural Learn More
  6. Flutter Tip Silicone Wand Attachment

    Flutter Tip Silicone Wand Attachment


    The Flutterbug enhances your wand massager by turning it into a tickling, teasing, fluttering delight! When you place the attachment over the head of your massager and turn on the power, the soft silicone pleasure wing of the Flutterbug begins to shiver and vibrate in a titillating wave pattern. Let the edge of the velvety wing dance back and forth across your clit and take your orgasms soaring to new heights! The premium Silicone material is non-porous and easy to clean, and feels great against your skin. Measurements: 3.5 inch overall length, 2.26 inch internal diameter, Material: Silicone, Color: Purple, Note: Compatible with Wand Essentials Wand Massagers and Hitachi Magic Wand Learn More
  7. Savvy by Dr Yvonne Fulbright Engage Flex Male P-Spot Massager

    Savvy by Dr Yvonne Fulbright Engage Flex Male P-Spot Massager


    The Savvy Engage Flex Male P-Spot Massager is the ideal tool for prostate massage. Anatomically designed with natural curves that allow for comfortable insertion and targeted maneuvering. By delivering focused prostate stimulation through the specially angled tip, the Engage is able to offer intense anal stimulation during partner and solo use, no matter your experience level. The premium silicone material is hypoallergenic and non-porous, making it easy to clean and ideal for anal play. Measurements: 5.25 inches in total length, 4.25 insertable, 1.10 inches in diameter at widest point. Material: Silicone. Color: Blue Learn More
  8. CleanStream Enema Tip Set

    CleanStream Enema Tip Set


    The Enema Tip Kit is a popular enema kit that works well with our high end enema bags. Enjoy a variety of tips of your pleasure and insertion in the most intimate of places. Set includes: , Male to Male Adapter: .625 inches long and 0.5 inches wide. , Wide Bulb: 2.5 inches long and 1 inch in width, at widest point. , Thin Bulb: 2.5 inches long and 0.5 inches in width, at widest point. , Long Bulb: 3 inches long and 0.75 inches in width, at widest point. , Stem with Bulb: 5.25 inches long and 0.75 inches in width, at widest point. Learn More
  9. ID Glide Squeeze Bottle 8.5 oz

    ID Glide Squeeze Bottle 8.5 oz


    Formulated from the highest quality ingredients, doctor recommended ID Glide Personal Lubricant is designed specifically to enhance the pleasure of intimacy. Clear, odorless and water-based, ID Glide is silky smooth, ultra long lasting and latex compatible. Sizes: 1 oz, 2.2 oz, 4.4 oz and 8.5 oz squeeze bottle. Learn More
  10. 96 Foot Cotton Bondage Rope - Black

    96 Foot Cotton Bondage Rope - Black


    This cotton bondage rope is a bondage staple. Create elaborate rope designs, or use it for a simple hog tie. The rope is sturdy, soft, and tightly braided. Use all 96 feet or cut it up into smaller sections. This classic BDSM staple offers endless versatility and pleasure possibilities. Measurements: 96 feet in length. Material: Cotton. Color: Black Learn More

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